Wednesday, February 10

On a Sunny Crafternoon

Recently, I have taken to having Niina over for playdates, and we get up to all sorts. But I think we have come up with the perfect formula. Craft activity followed by Studio Ghibli movie with the inclusion of hommus, crunchy soy thingies and lavash bread... yuuuuummmmm.

First I taught her to make coin purses (lookie here!)
And then we made wrist pin cushions together via a tutorial of which escapes me at the moment... (Niina let me know wont you?) and the good old teacup ones with some teacups I bought recently at an oppy for 50c each. Good quality printed glass ones at that!

Here's the results of my days work.

I'm not super pleased with my black and white one, its a bit ghetto-fabulous-bling-bling for my tastes, but nevermind. Its just for sticking pins in afterall. Next time I think I will make sure to add some steel wool, it sharpens your pins while they store!


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Niina A. said...

I keep forgetting to take photos os these for my blog!
Here's the pincushion tute