Friday, February 12

Once-A-Month-Sew-And-Tell :: January!

Take a look at what the club did during January over at our flickr group, I'm very proud to say that there was a bigger turnout than I had expected... to be honest I thought only me and one other person would pull through, but five of us managed a January project, so I'm happy!

Our projects:
Lauren - I had a really ambitious project in mind, but that got shelved for February and so I made a little vintage fabric skirt instead.
Amanda - Tried her hand at shirring using a different method to usual, and her daughter loved it!
Lara - Made a bag for her mother using a very cool pattern, but stopped short of chopping up her mum's old leather jacket for material.
Jen - Made her top in two hours! Amasing, especially as she had to struggle with slinky fabric. I hate sewing wth slinky fabric. She's going to make another one with different fabric later on.

The fifth person is Thea, my mother, but she's been wearing her top so much I havnt had a chance to take a photo of it yet. :)

Feel free to join us if you need a kick up the butt to get into sewing regularily.

The flickr link is here if you'd like to look at our projects in more detail and join up, and the original introductory post is here.


Shella said...

I let you down this time :( life is wat too crazy right now....hopefully Febuary is more productive...although we are half way's hoping!!

olivefarm said...

Gosh i was a piker too =( Gotta get a roll on for Feb. It can be anything right?

*crossed fingers*