Saturday, April 3

Perth Upmarket Piccies from last Sunday

Broken 80-year-old windows, meeting internet friends in the flesh and catching up with other friends was my day. Plus a big hello to all those who came up and were brave enough to say "Hi, I read your blog" You make my day people, you really do. Particularily one super-well dressed lass who I awed over so much I think she might have gotten a little embarrased. Sorry about that well-dress-girl. I meant to take a picture of you but I wasn't at my stall when you came back for your rocking-horse-ring. Nevermind.

Read Dropstitch's post HERE, she took a snap of my cacti/succulent table. :)

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rumtum tigger said...

wow! is that the Winthrop Hall at UWA? I love that hall.. :)
ps. some lovely pieces there <3