Friday, April 16

Winifred & Bance

Hi Folks,

Just dropping in to say a quick hello before I get back to drawing stairs, floor levels and joinery details. Fun fun. On the up side I did do a presentation today on Grand Designs, which meant I could watch as many episodes as I liked in the guise of "research". Kevin is such a dork.

But my reason for dropping in is actually quite different, and quite a cute story. As you might remember, Emma from dropstitch posted a photo of my succulent table at the recent Upmarket, and lots (I mean lots) of people read her blog (no, no, I'm not jealous at all) and one of those many is the lovely Delilah from Winifred & Bance. She took an immediate liking to my little cups of joy, and ordered 15 for her Inglewood and Fremantle Markets stores.

So I made them up (which involves being spiked a lot), and delivered them (woo, courier is so not my dream job, i get lost so easily.) I say this becasue I LOVE Delilah's shop, it's packed to the brim, but you still have plenty of room to move. Beautiful hats, jewellery made from teaspoons, and of course more clothes than you can look at in one day (beleive me I tried) with a FANTASTIC mens range and an even more amasing range of vintage boots... perfect for winter!

So yeah. Look at her shop, look at what I sent, if it takes your fancy. Take care of one another, xx.



Lila said...

Wow, that's cool- those succulents in pots are so adorable!

I love Grand Designs so much that sometimes I have tears in my eyes if at the end one is sooo beautiful that I want it. I actually asked my husband if I'm a bit weird coz I cry at grand designs just the other day. And I MIISSED revisited yesterday which makes me so sad.

P.s. Talked to you at UPmarket- I'm the one who LOVED your brooches but has no;0(

jade holi said...

tea cup succulents look great!

green tea and red nails said...

LOVE these!!! what a fabulous idea :)
i always manage to kill plants... maybe i could manage a succulent!!

have a great week :) kel