Thursday, July 1

Amanda is Lovely.

As you may have gathered by now if you are a regular reader of my blog, I go ape-bananas when I get even the tiniest bit of press. It's just my inner fame monster screaming to come out I think, but I think it's also the yearning most creative types have for acknowledgement from your peers, or someone in the design industry, or perhaps a complete stranger of your art. Sometimes I think we're a very insecure bunch, us artists.

Which is why my smiley face is in part owed to one lovely blogger; Amanda from Calico & Co., whose adventure is best described in her own words;

"As a result, Calico & Co. has become an online journal where I share all the amazing indie, handmade and design discoveries I come across in my day to day life. I particularly have a passion to shine the spotlight on and support Australian creatives in their indie and handmade ventures, and if it is environmentally friendly then that's all the better! I also share parts of my real life with my readers and some of the projects I am working on, like the setting up of my own stationery range."

Amanda has featured things from my etsy and madeit stores a total of three times, and I am so thankful for her efforts in not only promoting me, but other amasing artists too. I'll certainly be adding her great picks to my blog reader subscription... you should check her out. Click the pics below to link to Calico & Co. blog, and the most recent feature of my snowflake purse!

PRESS calico and co July 2010

Big hugs Amanda, keep up the great work!

xx Lauren

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