Thursday, July 8

Hayley is Lovely.

This is a fairly internal post. I don't really do "internal" on this blog, or anywhere really, so if you're interested in light and fluffy, perhaps come back tomorrow, I completely understand if you don't need a lecture today :) xx

Yes, I'm going all femme-love this week. Admiring strong, independent, Australian women is one of my favourite things.

Hayley is someone who I really, truly admire. One of those people you see doing things that you love, and living their life with principles that you aspire to.

Read her blog, it's a thing of great beauty. Motherhood, consumption, green-living, ethical living, creativity, (previously) handmade business.

Before I give you the link, I want to say that although I really admire her principles and practicalities, I also admire the fact that she admits when she doesnt do things the way she planned, and that its ok to say youre not ready to take the plunge of complete ethical living. This struggle is one I have internally within myself all the time. Sometimes I'll be proud of the way I live my life, and other times I'll be berating myself for buying things on sale from Big W, or picking up a headband from Diva, and contributing to the consumption machine by making my osier things, and how dare I consider justifying this by comparing myself to others that dont make the effort I do, just so I dont have to feel like I have to do more.

It's ok to take small steps. It's ok to make mistakes. There is no point in guilt whatsoever.



Her said...

well put, it is such a conundrum. When I go to these great design blogs I am seeing more and more chairs and objects created from plastics... we don't seem to be learning anything. Meanwhile BP continues to polute the gulf coast and what is on TV? Ben Cousins! OMG

Kerry said...

That's a really good reminder, living creatively means taking a lot of small steps, then running, then hopefully flying.