Thursday, August 5

Magazine Marvels : Antler Issue 3 February

Titled "vintage", its easy to guess what the theme of the mag was, and as I've come to expect it was filled with whimsical, washed out imagery. Which although is a little overdone now in the indie world, I ADORE IT!. And yes I know it was published way back in Feb, but I only just remembered to check my online mag list today (its down the bottom of the right hand column of this blog).

Sometimes I get bored of reading artist interviews, I guess they need to be pretty special to catch my interest nowadays, having read them all the time from Etsy and Frankie/Peppermint. Antler does ask some really cool questions, like "tell us a random thing about your work" - which gets some interesting replies! But there are a lot too many in there for my tastes (Antler doesnt have anything except interviews and photoshoots - so really thats to be expected), so I skipped over more than half of them, I can really only stomach about three in a row with my attention span, I might go back and read them later if I'm in the mood.

Photoshoots. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH MY HEART ACHES. Not just Antlers ones, but photoshoots in general make me very happy. Especially couple ones where there are a boy and girl model playing pretend, I don't know why it's enjoyable to watch two rediculously good looking people together but it is. There are two different styles of photoshoot in this issue - the washed out whimsical, and the black and white crisp coture style. I like both, and I really appreciate the mix. Good work Antler.

Plus one of them is named after a Fleetwood Mac song. Extra Points.

Travel. Well I think its travel. There's a cool photojournal titled "7 minutes of being a geisha" - kind of a fashion shoot, kind of a photography exhibition, kind of a travel log. I liked the photos of random Japanese things, as thats what I end up doing on all my holidays. I end up not having any sweeping panoramas, happy snaps or food photos, just weird micro-scale things like mailboxes and flowers.

I have many favorite pages, but this one took my breath away, literally. I sat there dumbfounded for at least 40 seconds, drinking it in. You need to click on it to see it in its full-size amasingness.

So spooky and beautiful and dreamy and symbolic... a perfect last page.

So there is my first magazine review. What do you think? Should I do more, or just link to things I like and leave you guys to figure it out for yourselves? If you read it, can you tell me what you think too?

xx lauren

EDIT :: duh. forgot to link to it.


Emma said...

ooooh Antler looks beautiful!

OSIER said...

it is Em, it is. My heart beats for it.