Thursday, August 12

Tie my Heart Up

Someting about knots really gets me excited.

Don't take that the wrong way.

Embraced by beyondtherockz

Jena by coumon

Shimmer by moonlightforviolet

Noeud de cuir noir by colourblindsmarties

Yes I know it's all jewellery and its all similar types of knots and its all off Etsy. But thats how I roll.

xx Lauren


The above fore-mentioned. said...

I love the knot ring, it is fantastic! A great collection of knotty jewellery images. I like how you roll. Make sure you check out she has a cloud necklace (but no knots) jewellery give away!

OSIER said...

hi there!

thanks for dropping by the blog :) I love the look of your blog, so inspiring!

i actually already have a lovely cloud necklace by a friend of mine, so i'll leave it for someone who isn't as lucky :)