Wednesday, November 17

Born Together

This is the first video I've ever made. Pretty cool huh? I'm so proud of me :)

Its a stop motion film created from over 300 photos taken with my Nikon D5000 on an old vintage tripod (that I scored for $5 at an opshop) in 10 or 30 second self-timed intervals.

I then used a free program called JPGVideo to collate the images into a video by dividing the seconds in the song I wanted to use by the amount of images I had (plus some wiggle room for end credits) and then using that number to space the images.

I then dumped that into Windows Movie Maker, which I had never even opened before and was delighted with how easy it was to use - didn't have to use web-help once! Once it was in there I added the audio file and the end credit image which was made by layering text over the final image in photoshop and then saving as a jpg.

Then I exported the whole she-bang and uploaded to Vimeo. :)

If you want to buy the painting, it's not sold at the time of this post - chekkit here.

xx Lauren

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CurlyPops said...

That was fantastic - so mesmerising to see it all coming together (and it certainly helped that I love that song)!