Tuesday, November 23

Day 2 : Relatives and Food

So today we went on a mini-road trip to see some of my many many many relatives that live in QLD (my Mum comes from QLD so half my rellies are here, and half are home in Perf (there is a sweet romantic story involving playing entire Crowded House songs over the phone behind the cross-state thing but seeing as my parents are now divorced it's a tad moot) - plus one family in London - HAVE to go and stay with them sometime.

So I slept on the way to my great aunt and uncles in our HUGE MASSIVE BIG LARGE rental people mover and then ate lots of handmade tea-cake and bakery bought slice and store bought biscuits. Guess what tasted best.

And then took about 100 photos on the way back. I picked the ones of cool signs. I cant beleive there is actually a sign for dugongs.

Plus this house looks like its supposed to be in UP.
It would be even better if the fence was pickett.

xx Lauren

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