Wednesday, November 24

Day 3 : Shopping and Inebriated Wanderings

Inebriated wanderings in gumboots, no less.


Today I went shopping for my cousins dress and rest-of-outfit (she is the sister of the groom, who's wedding is the actul cause of us being in Q. She looks very nice in it :)

Being the first time in a long time that I've shopped in a real store, not just a dollar shop or an op shop or groceries, I went a little crazy and bought; owl gumboots, a flip clock - you know, the ones with the numbers that flip over - and several Chrissie presents that are awesome but I cant tell you cause I know they read my blog (hey Ali, hey Niina). But rest assured they are very cute/awesome/appropriate.

They are also unavailable in WA, cause the shop that all this awesome stuff was in is actually in every single state and territory EXCEPT MINE. Its a REALLY COOL STORE AND I CANT HAVE IT SO I'M ANGRY. Its even in FREAKING NEW ZEALAND!!! So yes, exclusive gifts.

And I also bought this ring. It is two tiny deer on a log bridge. It is hugely cute. It would be cuter if they were kissing though. :)

And then tonight I got taken to a gamer-bar. Manabar? I think? Anyway I got my photo taken by the staff and apparently its going on facebook so my geekness can be shown to all of mankind. But I have to say I cheated a bit cause I just played mario-cart and arcade style games, as well as had a "Princess Peaches" cocktail, plus a mint one and a chocolate/cream shot that were also named with assorted gamer references, of which I got none (I am not a gamer, but my two little brothers are so I "get" stuff more frequently than the regular poulation, but not enough to not be completly inadequate at Halo... But it was a cute tiny place, and the toilet graffiti and stickers were excellent. Which is really all you need from a small bar.

Once we were suitably bored of playing games, we went on a wander around what is sort of a better version of Northbridge - less scary, more bars, more people, less dickheads.

Anywhoo I just got told by bigger-little-brother that it's actually "Mana Bar" - which references a thing in a game thats like a "Health" bar, but a little different. So thar yee goo.

Ok, at this point I need to tell you that my cousin and I had worn our gumboots out to the bar for kicks-and-giggles. We both wore short black dresses and tights too. We were matching.

On our walk around, we went down a Chinatown mall, which had awesome fountains, which in our lightly tipsy mood automatically became a stomping ground for our awesome gumboots - weird how something which was just initially for random fun turned into totally appropriate footwear. Plus we also raced boats made from asian-community newspapers and put paper hats on rainbow carp statues.

I'll spare you all but two of the many grainy/blurry videos and photos. If you're a facebook friend you can have a look at the whole hilarious mess. Well, it was hilarious at the time, now I'm just full of McYuk fries and really tired.

This is my cheesy i'm-actually-five-years-old grin.
Oh, and my (WINNING) boat. Hoorah.

my heart hands around my owl wellies.
cousin's peace hand and heart wellies.

Off to themepark #1 tomorrow. Get to test out my handmade bikini bottoms. You could be so lucky to get a photo of them... not on me though, I wouldnt do that to you. Or me (I don't think my bottom is ready for international stardom just yet...).

xx Lauren

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