Monday, December 13

Festivities - The Commandments

#1. Baked Goods. Preferably made by you.

What actually happened:

I made my recipie for soft honey chew biscuits, and was going to put extra ginger in the recipie to make it gingerbread like. But instead I ran out of honey, substituted golden syrup, and couldnt find the ginger. In fact I dont think the pantry at Dads HAS ginger. Plus I CBF icing them either, so all in all the only thing going for them was their shape, which was awesome cause they tessellated into a snowflake type thing when I put them in my favorite serving dish (actually a pie dish but HUSH YOU.)

They are all gone now :) Might make another batch for the Xmas party with the crafty girls.

xx Lauren

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