Sunday, December 5

I havn't seen a boy reading in ages.

This brooch is sold out. Sadness abounds. Perhaps I will make an osier-y version. What do you think guys? Yes? No? Don't give a flying hootenanny?

P.S. An effload of travel-posts coming soon, i've been without internets and so have been writing them in a notepad, which harked me back to the days of primary and early high-school when I used to keep a diary about which boy I was making out with in which week. Slutty, slutty me.

x Lauren


cerebral e said...

I have one of these but my friends won't let me wear it. Next time I'm at a market where you have a stall, I'll bring it for you:

PS were you blogging about that Typo store before? It's opening in WA now. Joondalup and Harbour Town, I've heard.

OSIER said...

ooooh, coolness.

joondalup and harbour town here i come.

they're actually part of cotton on chain i found out later, which decreases it's coolness but ohwell

captain plaknit said...

i LOVE these!! you should definitely make some! :)

Niina A. said...

Oh you little monkey slut you! I just used to write in my diary about all the boys I wished to make out with haha

cerebral e said...

I was in New Edition bookstore last night for their opening (free booze and food!) and noticed they sell the "Reading is Sexy" coffee mugs. It was too crowded to see if they also have the badges and stickers.