Thursday, November 25

Day 4 : Roadtrips and Rollercoasters

I did intend to do just a picture post today, but my little brother has deleted all my photos. I hope he saved them on his computer, otherwise I'm gonna be angry. I had tigers and "my head on a wanted poster" fun-park kind of stuff, so nothing hugely exciting. But my baby tiger photos are SO CUTE.

But I did enjoy my favourite rides - the rollercoasters. They're so hugely awesome. The combination of speed, g-force and being able to scream at the top of your lungs without people glaring at you (my brothers actually punch me in the arm at home when I scream :) ) really does it for me.

Currently in a beautiful white house (my mum's old uni friend) that looks onto the east ocean. If I was brave I'd get up early and watch the sun rise over the sea while i drink coffee and huddle in my grey cardigan on the deck. We'll see if that happens though.

UPDATE: didnt happen :)


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