Friday, January 7

Love Me

New necklace over at my etsy shop. If you want a different word, lemme know... swear words sound like fun! Perfect accessory for valentines day eh? I know I'll be wearing mine.

xx Lauren


cerebral e said...

Eight years ago I was studying in New York and I bought a necklace that said "FUCK", encrusted in diamantes. It went missing after I got home to Perth and I always thought that my mother had found it and thrown it out because it was offensive...anyway, she was clearing out my old bedroom recently (I have long moved out of my parents') and told me she found a rude necklace! Turns out it was just lost in the mess of my bedroom, not confiscated by my well-meaning mother.

PS I just watered my Osier cactus for the first time in forever and it's the only cactus to survive summer.

OSIER said...

HA! priceless.

have you seen subversive cross-stitch? best evar!

although i do like the sound of a diamonte fuck necklace :)

p.s. YAY! so glad your little dude survived, you should name him! x