Friday, March 4

Moving Out #5

Moving and first week back at uni at once has really sucked it out of me, so apologies for the lack of posts, and for the lack of words today :)

Basically, my housemate is awesome and doesnt mind I have way too much stuff, and has let me have free reign over decorating, furniture arranging and the like :) Its so lovely to have a house filled with your things, not just a room or two, and for everything to be in its proper place - I've been waiting to see my teapots and such in a kitchen for SO LONG.

op-shop frames, print by Geninne

op canister, plunger and stand
choc hot cross buns - i like original better i've discovered
recipe books by frankie
blackboard from a friend :)

op-shop spaghetti jar
housemate's self-made boards!!!

art poster from long defunct frankie precursor chik.

frankie art poster by katherine brickman

original art by Ali J (love you Ali!!!)

mini ship from "the pirates cove" junk shop on queensland holiday
(it's name is hms sirius, which i pretend is harry potter related)
record/cd/mp3 ripper and player from ebay
servery is a hand-me-down

cards as mini-prints by frankie mag
square card by darling clementine

frankie art posters
bunnings hard hat for site visits for uni :)
tea for bini film painting

frankie art poster by rob ryan
handmade paper crane garland
(going to be for sale soon in OSIER shoppe!)
ebay paper lantern

op-shopped and DIY spray painted 70's orange glass light cover
(as vase)
creeper that is all over the rear part of our backyard

op-shop outdoor french lace cast iron table set
(with original orange vinyl cusions!!! - gonna re-upholster them)
beyond the fence is the rest of our back yard

housemates clock
op-shop ship and silver tea-stand
op-shop flora glass vase and milk-glass casserole
local pottery artist plate
op-shop vase as bell jar
have you met miss jones ceramic swan


Oh, and we're looking for another housemate, so if you're 18 to late 20s, and you'd like to hear a bit more about a 4 bed, 2 bath, big backyard, fully furnished, 90's house in Bayswater with a bus stop at the front door, gimme an email!

xx Lauren


Niina A. said...

Eeeee everything looks so great! Can't wait to see it all in person xx

Kat said...

I started back at Uni too. After 20 years or so away.
I love your art works. Just awesome.
Good luck finding a flat mate.

1940house said...

You do have great art. How lucky to have a housemate give you free rein!

captain plaknit said...

looking sweet lauren! so , like, our next motl meeting is at your place, right?!?! ;P

nevertheless said...

awesome pieces of furniture and decorations :) no wonder your flatmate let you have free reign, I love your vintage aesthetics!