Monday, April 18

Happy Birthday Mum

(for last Thursday). Love you!!

I went through her old albums and borrowed some photos to scan (but then i forgot to scan them so had to photograph them on my bed, hence the weird texture-y background. I didnt find the favourite picture of her, so I'll have to show you that some other time.

no date - i played with that doll when i was little too! (except bald, lol)

no date - i assume first day high school? awesome satchel, brougues and boater.

no date - SUCH an awesome photo

1980 - on the right, 9 years before i was around. love those shorts!


This will be my last blog post for a while. I've closed most of my shops, and wont be doing any markets except MOTL and Perth Upmarket. Masters is JUST TOO TIME CONSUMING AND HARD, and I'm really struggling to do much other than do all the shit I have to do now I'm out of home, and all the uni work I have to do, plus sleep. So blogging and OSIER are taking a break, because instead of being a wonderful relaxing fun thing to do, its become an unwonderful stressfull unfun thing to do.

So I'll see you all on June 6th, first Monday of the between semesters uni break.



petrafanella said...

Big hugs for you honey. Looking forward to catching up when you have some breathing space.
P x

Lynda said...

Love the 80s photo. Hope your studies go well, hope you do come back to the blog-its good!