Monday, August 22

Montage Collective 3

Hi All,

On Thursday this week me and 14 other buddies from the Perth indie-designer-biz scene opened up our third pop-up shop under the moniker of Montage Collective. Our first attempt in Fremantle earlier this year for three weeks in February was a slap dash of whatever we could get together into the HUGE, cobalt blue carpeted space. The second go was in a beautiful old shop in one of the underground/trendy spots in Northbridge which is just coming to be known to regular people, after about 5 years of independent bars, retail, and a super-interesting east-asian community making a dynamic and awesome street.
Our little shop was due for a reno, having been a barbers shop for more than a couple of decades at least - which meant horrible walls and man-hair in every single crack and crevice of the space. The original high pressed-tin ceiling was a real show stopper though! We were there for the month of July, with a vintage/retro furniture theme - which I loved to bits!

This time around we're slicking it up though - CBD location, immediately across from the train station, in one of the partially restored heritage retail spaces in the 140 William precinct. The beautiful main building by HASSELL was the host to the last Made on the Left market, which until a couple of weeks ago I was Vice-Chair of (my masters course uni commitments mean I have to take a break for a year and a half), and they also host many of the "cooler" Perth Fashion Festival events in their awesome industrial/office spaces. Plus a couple of my uni mates work at the Perth branch of HASSELL :)

Anyway, back from architecture to Montage! In the space this time around we have had the wonderful fortune of being sponsored by Shop4Shops for our shmick, more professional retail fittings, which really help pull in the city-type people. I hope you can go have a look at the space, it really is something awesome. Otherwise, check out the photos on our facebook page.

Oh, and we have a man-land themed space, so you can start thinking about fathers day!

xx Lauren


Annie said...

that is an awesome photo of the shop location!!!

OSIER said...

Annie - its from the HASSELL website, i love time-lapse photos so much!

Anonymous said...

I just clicked on 'comment' to say exactly the same thing! Oh well :)