Friday, April 19

relaunch for christmas 2013

hi all,

so while my last studio design project is now almost two months behind me (along with my first european travel!) i still have to get a job in my chosen field and re-set-up a working studio for my design work, so although i was hoping to re-launch on my birthday  - the 18th of may - this is being re-scheduled to a soft-relaunch throughout october with a website, new shop, new stock, etc in time for the seasonal markets. the old faves will still be around, but will be re-thought as "basics"  while the designs I have had a larger hand in design and construction wise will be given more of the limelight. in the meanwhile, please let me know of any awesome studio spaces you know going, or any thoughts you have on the ongoing growth of my little baby :)

xxoo lauren

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