Monday, July 1

Keeping Busy

Just a note to say even if I'm not busting a move out in the world of OSIER or Made on the Left at the moment, I am spending my time and busting a very different kind of move with a similarly awesome bunch of strong, wonderful women who leave such a warm feeling in my belly through their strength, personal growth and commitment - sometimes through HUGE adversity that would leave little old me gasping for my last breath on the floor. And just like in the maker-design world, I'm rocking a name that is not the one scrawled in doctor's handwriting on a birth certificate :)

photo by Ishtar Photographics - these guys are  freakin GENIUS (they make me look cool, which is a much harder feat than i'd like to admit) - check out the link for more snaps

I can't wait to get back into the swing of things creatively - I'm due to get cracking for July's Made on the Left market where I'll be making a sneaky pre-return showing, so tomorrow's the day to fire-up the laser cutter (did i mention i have one? no? well, i'll introduce you to Crazy Ivan - not my name! - another time) and give it a new home on top of some very lovely vintage flat files I managed to score from Annie [osmosis designs] when she was cleaning up her AMASING Fremantle studio in preparation for a share-space - she now has the awesome new digs of a old workers cottage near a lake! J-E-A-L-O-U-S. Hopefully this is the year of a functional, awesome, dedicated creative space for me too. And the year of a full-time Architecture job hopefully, but thats also another story, unless you happen to know of one going - give me a bell!

Talk soon, not long now until October when I hope to be back in full force!

xo Lauren/Osier/Rage'n'Claw

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