Thursday, February 12

I cant stop thinking up uses for doileys.

yes, thats right. i just love how they're so uncool, but at that geeky stage where they might just make it. we've all seen the crochet lace on tops and dresses of late, and it's inspired me to make clothes and osier stuff with them. i like picking them up from op-shops, because in all likelyness, they were donated by some kind little nanna crocheting for charity, and to stop her going bonkers from boredom. so yeah, i made this purse, and took a photo I love... mostly because it has my favourite prop, my acorn from a family holiday a few years ago.

so yeah, if you like it, head to my etsy store...

ideas coming up:
++more Christopher The Owl wall art with doiley involvement
++some bangle/cuff action
++some brooch action
++scarves and maybe a beret style thingie.

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