Monday, March 30

Prevelly and Poladroid

Gosh it's beautiful down south... I knew this before, but every time I go there again, I'm struck anew with the forest-y woodland vibe about it. Over the weekend I was part of a family holiday to Prevelly, a small beach town very near to Margaret River. Amongst other adventures, I went too far in at a surfing beach (without a board) and got dumped about 6 times, worked on my uni assignment, consoled my mother because she had to drive with a noddy wheel for the whole trip (which means a speed limit of eighty and lots of angry motorists behind you) because we got a flat tyre, and the Mazda only has a noddy spare, and hung out with Buddy, my second cousins' (who were with us on the holiday) German Shepard. He's a huge goofball and sook, which weirds me out because my image of German Shepards is one of the nasty barky bitey ones from TV and such.

I also took some photos, and made them pretty wit
h my new favourite photo editing program, Poladroid. It makes Polaroid shaped and contrasted images from your digital ones.----clicky clicky to see a nice big non-blurry version :)

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