Wednesday, September 30

So... Pretty...

Oh how I wish I had enough money that spending $295 USD on a single peice of clothing was even remotely justified.

It has all the credentials of a great coat:

thick fabric so I can be toasty.
NOT polar fleece (that stuff is almost as bad as crocs), it is instead wool, which is excellent.
high collar.
big buttons.

Plus some cool extras like puffed shoulders and a big slouchy hood. The only gripes I have are its not belted (with my figure I need a belt or else I end up looking like I have a bun in the oven), and that the pockets are a little weird-io.

So for now it looks like I'll have to make do with my Nanna's vintage red coat and alter it. I'll show you before and after pics later shall I?

But first comes ....folio.

I've got knots in my stomach just THINKING about it.


p.s. silly me, didnt mention where the lovely coat is from... Little Houses at Etsy


a little something... said...

oh wow what a freakin awesome coat, red is the best.

kate said...

ohh shhh!
You're making me drool with envy in not being able to buy it too!