Sunday, January 3

Join the Once-A-Month-Sew-And-Tell Club!

This is for all those who have said they would or might like to join...

The Once-A-Month-Sew-And-Tell Club!

As a New Years Resolution, those of the Club will try to Sew at least one item of clothing/an accessory a month, and Tell their progress somehow on the internet through a photo.

This is not nessessary to join, but I thought a flickr group could be a cool idea. If you still want to be a part of it, but dont want to post to flickr, thats cool, you can just send me your image or post a link in my monthly blog post to a picture on the internets somewhere (facebook, picasa, flickr, blog, website, etc) If you want to blog about it too thats awesome! The more the merrier I say!

And if you want to post the badge on your blog too, thats awesome, just use the one I did in my right menu bar/list thing, and perhaps link to the flickr group page;

Can you guys think of anything else that the club needs?



Shella said...

so excited!! must start sewing...not sure what I'll start with tho...

Just do I put the badge on my page with the link?! Sorry Im new to this blogging and not so good with computers..

OSIER said...

here ya go:

1.go to your blog
2. click 'sign in' up the top right
3. click layout
4. click 'add a gadget' in the right hand column
5. choose picture
6. title it once-a-month-sew-and-tell
7. whatever caption you want
8. link :
9. image from the web :
10. tick shrink to fit
11. click save
12. then back in layout you choose where you want it to be!

Shella said...

done! thankyou for your help :)