Saturday, January 9

Summer is Here, and I am all a Flutter

So much in a flutter that I convinced myself that I would look vintage-vixen in a playsuit, ordered one from etsy and favorited a whole lot more... I guess I'll see if I was right when it arrives huh? You might get an eyeful if you're lucky.


Its what happens when you go shopping at half past two in the morning eh?

...beach tomorrow. Hoorah!


olivefarm said...

Play suits are so IN right now! =) i love how they can be dressed up or down. Last night I saw a chick wear a black one with a pair of bright red heels and gold chains! super hot!

Renee said...

Oooh, all day everyday of late I have been dreaming of being in playsuits! Relaxing, running around doing errands, walks around the beach. hahaha It's like I am dreaming about a crush.

My problem is that I am far too tall :( Sooo badly need to learn how to sew my own.

This is a cute one: