Monday, July 25

Looking Back - QLD holiday

I kind of lost momentum blogging about my trip to QLD during the last uni break. Unfortunately it meant that I didnt get to share a huge amount of really quite awesome photos (IMO).

We stayed at this super super dodgy motel one night (mum didnt realise its dodgyness until it was too late). EVERYTHING in the chalet (except the light bulbs i suspect) was at the latest probably mid 70s. It was pure gold photography wise, but it smelt bad, you sank in the bed (thankfully i made my own bed so i at least know the sheets were clean), and you could hear EVERYTHING through the paper thin walls. My mum is like THE champion snorer :P

But here a few of the interior shots done up in poladroid... enjoy!

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Karli Cuts said...

The fruit loops shot is so cute!